Thoughts from the bottom step

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Here we go...

So action stations - managed to work on the list yesterday.
3: Knitting most of the day - frogged crab number one and trying an alternative.
11: Sent letters to sunshine partner and Aunty Marjorie.
17: In the post.
13: Booked tickets for West Side Story last minute - fantastic show! The choreography was fabulous, the singing superb - particularly Tony and Anita. Great end to the day.

Then started today with a trip to casualty - does this count as tryin new things?! its been 4 years since I last went...


Monday, April 06, 2009

the plan....

Here goes, the list......
1. Emigrate (at least for a while.)
2. Sleep under the stars.
3. Complete my knitting to-do list.
4. Increase my cooking-confidence.
5. Learn to crochet.
6. Only send homemade cards this year.
7. Reduce the amount of time I spend watching BAD TV.
8. Go to a music festival.
9. Go for more walks.
10. Take more photos - and do something with them!
11. Write more letters.
12. Get fitter.
13. Go to the cinema/theatre more regularly.

14. Learn a language.
15. Make my own set of pyjamas and bedding.
16. Either learn to play a new instrument or rekindle my clarinetting.
17. RAK
18. Get more massages.
19. Read more.
20. Learn to say no when you need to.
21. Learn to ice-skate/ski.

22. Get a piece of writing published.
23. Get closer to nature.
24. Try new things.


Still got some spaces!!!